Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Box

Got back to my place this afternoon. I spent the weekend with Carol and I was not really in the mood to be alone again. She left this morning for a shoot in Vancouver. She’s taken the firing pretty well.

I’m still sulking. Still having trouble sleeping. I used to have a 5AM call for my show and I was in bed by 9pm like a third grader on a school night. Now I'm a certified insomniac.

Life is funny. When you are employed you are running around thinking of all the great and wonderful things you could be doing if you weren’t working.

When you have the free time all you think about is getting back to work again.

I should be deciding what my next step is going to be instead I’m sifting through the bits and pieces of information Greg left behind.

I was beginning to think I was getting a bit obsessive about the whole thing. Losing your job and having a friend die can play tricks on your mind. I had myself pretty convinced of that until I received a reply to the email I sent Greg's sister.

Three weeks ago Greg stayed with her for a few days. He left a sealed box with her and said if something should happen to him. That she was specifically to give the box to me. Imagine her surprise when we met at the funeral.

She Fed Exed the box to me.

The box is now sitting on my kitchen table.

Not sure if I’m mentally ready to open it.


What did you get yourself into?


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