Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Images. Greg Wilson

Out of the blue, I got a call from one of my old friends.

Gregory Wilson.

Greg and I go back to the days when I was trying get on any local news channel that would have me. It was tough. The internet was eating up all the "eyeballs" so the local channels were pushing the envelope in terms of content.

This was before I became the "persona" Barbara Friendly

Before my show.

Before the money.

Before I got fired.

Greg was an up and coming camera man. He wanted to be on the front lines capturing fire fights and insurgencies.

Instead he was working with me on the "expose" trash segments local newscasts hyped to get ratings.

We would get footage of rats in fancy restaurants and celebs cheating on their boy/girl of the week. Consumer fear crap. It was down and dirty but we both earned our wings doing it.

I got my own show.

Greg went to Iraq and Africa.

He covered Katrina.

I got the money.

He got the respect.

Greg had come back to the states and started working on a story he'd been tipped off about in Iraq. Rumor had it there was a drug that caused mass hallucinations in not only the user but people surrounding the user.

People were seeing things they couldn't explain and Greg was getting their stories on tape.

After the phone call he asked if we could meet at my office.

He asked me to watch a tape of some footage he and his partner Ray had shot the night before.

(See the vid-caps below)

You know when two people see the same thing and get two different reactions.

He saw the unexplainable.

I saw some great C.G. work from some bored kid in Korea or Austin or wherever.

24 hours after he showed me the tape Greg and his partner were dead.


I received an email from him a few hours before he was killed. It contained portions of a PDF report taken from the Mayor's lap top and several images from the tape.

I've posted that email in two parts.

I don't know if any of it is real.

You be the judge.



Katsumi Yamada said...

those images cant be real, can they?

at least thats what i thought until i saw them up close, right in front of me.

B.Friendly said...

I don't know if they are real. The whole thing is creeping me out. Greg believed in it on some level and I trusted him. I'm going to keep digging. I need to know the truth.

Optichouse said...

Would you even want to go back to your show now, even if you could?

B.Friendly said...

Thanks for asking

Not after the way they let me go. They didn't come out and say it but they think I'm too old to carry a show in todays market. I'm not even 30 yet! If you are not 16 you don't appeal to their key demo.

The freaky thing is that they are going to replace me with a CG version of me!!! They own the persona Barbara Friendly but I own the name. Go figure.

I'm not sure if I should be talking about this. Who knows if the companies lawyers are reading this.

It's not like I need a lawsuit against me.