Thursday, February 21, 2008

I found this image on the last page of the PDF Greg sent me.

I don't know who she is but I intend to find out.

I'm meeting up with my best bud Carol.

Carol used to do my hair and make up for my show. My so called style consultant.

She got the boot the same day I did.

She made me look ready to go even when I was hungover from dancing my butt off the night before at Avaland.

The woman is the Michelangelo of makeup.

I'm going to stay with her for the next couple of days.

Honestly I'm more than a little freaked out after what happened with Greg.

It shook me up pretty bad. I'm not supposed to be drinking but after losing my job and Greg's death in the span of a week. I'm not going to beat myself up over a couple drinks.

I sent an email to Greg's sister. Hopefully she will get back to me. At least I will have someone to talk to about it.

The alcohol and lack of sleep is numbing me up a bit.

Thank the Lord for small favors I tell you.

One day I'm big cheese talk show host. Now I'm too old and drinking my blues away. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm pushing 30 but in today's entertainment game you get five years tops to do your thing before they want you too move on so they can hire the younger, cheaper version of you.

Or in my case. They are replacing me with a mo-capped C.G. version of me.

I'm going to be the Beowulf/Oprah.

Or at least my "persona" will be.

I used to be the one comforting the guests on my show with Dr. Phil-isms. Now I'm Queen Bee of the Barbara Friendly pity party. Thanks for coming folks!!!

It's raining. Carol is picking me up soon. We are going to Nishimura.

I'm in no shape to drive.

Time to go.


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