Friday, March 7, 2008

Take Your Medicine

Got this off of Greg's hard drive.

I've been looking through the hard drive his sister sent me.

It has bits and pieces of edited and unedited video along with video caps, j-pegs and documents.

It's broken down into four folders.

Red Hammer


Phoenix Group


He was having a hard time getting people to believe in the story he was investigating.

From what I can tell he was going to go public by posting videos on the web.

I believe he wanted the world to know the truth about what he was working on.

I'm going to make sure that happens.



Patrick Von Steiner said...

As a challenger of the unknown I have faced similar situations and although I am in the middle of a mission that will define Earth's fate I'll will you help as much as I can.
Good luck!

B.Friendly said...


All help is welcome. There is something going on that people should know about. Welcome to the fight!